What apps would these characters from Peaky Blinders have on their smartphones?

Peaky Blinders is a historic crime drama series that has received wide recognition and interest. The plot is full of suspense and adventure, the characters are intriguing, and everything about the show is worth binging over.

 We imagined the characters of Peaky Blinders as modern people and came up with three apps that they would definitely have on their smartphones.

Thomas ‘Tommy’ Shelby

The leader of Peaky Blinders, Thomas Shelby is a highly efficient man who knows what he is doing. He is extremely intelligent and observant and has a calm demeanour. Three apps Thomas would definitely have on his smartphone are: Google Calendar, Todoist, DuckDuckGo


Google Calendar: Tommy has a lot on his plate. As the leader of Peaky Blinders, who has to manage multiple things at once, Google Calendar is an app he would definitely have on his smartphone.

Todoist: You will never see Tommy sitting idle. And for a person of his stature, it is easy to get overwhelmed with everything that he has to do and look after. Hence, an organization & productivity app like Todoist would really help him stay on track without getting too overwhelmed
with work.

DuckDuckGo: Owing to the highly dangerous area of his work, Tommy has to make sure that he doesn’t leave any trace behind when searching for information. A privacy-focused browser like DuckDuckGo would let him get the information needs without worrying about being tracked (by advertisements or police).

Arthur Shelby

The eldest of the Shelby brothers, Arthur Shelby is a tough guy who has had a tough life. Being the eldest one, he should have been the one heading the Peaky Blinders, but Tommy takes over as Arthur lacks the authority as well as the intelligence to head it.


Here are three apps Arthur would have on his smartphone:

Whiskey Suggest: Arthur not only owned The Garrison Pub but is also a heavy drinker himself. Hence, an app he would have in his phone is Whiskey Suggest to look for flavours, get personalized recommendations, and even use it to showcase the specialities of The Garrison Pub.

Moodfit: Arthur has had serious mental breakdowns. He has faced death right in the eye on multiple occasions. And he is struggling mentally. Hence, an app that would be an ideal addition to his life is Moodfit. With Moodfit, Arthur can keep track of his mental status, moods, and work towards achieving a better state of mind.

PubG: Owing to his violent personality, a good outlet for Arthur to take his stress out and also get some relaxation is PubG. He would definitely have PubG in his smartphone.

Polly Gray

The intelligent Aunt Polly is one of the finest characters of The Peaky Blinders series. She handled the Shelby Family and managed the Peaky Blinders when Arthur and Tommy were absent during the Great War. Aunt Polly has always been a strong pillar of support for Tommy and is a certified accountant and the treasurer of the Peaky Blinders.


Three apps Aunt Polly would have in her smartphone are Quickbooks, Signal, and Google

Quickbooks: As a certified accountant who is an important part of the Peaky Blinders and also handles the treasury, Quickbooks is an app Aunt Polly would use to manage all the accounting

Signal: There is much confidential information being shared between Aunt Polly and other members of the Peaky Blinders, most importantly with Tommy. Hence an encrypted and safe app like Signal would be an ideal communication app that Aunt Polly would prefer to use.

Google Calendar: Considering the different aspects of her life and work that Aunt Polly efficiently handles, Google Calendar is an app she would need to keep everything organized and on schedule.

Grace Shelby

Grace Shelby was a barmaid at The Garrison Pub who operated as a spy for the Birmingham Police. However, she fell in love with Tommy and after many hardships the two finally married. While she had a sad ending in the show, she is an important character due to her independent personality and strong influence on Tommy’s life.


Three apps Grace would have in her smartphones are Smule, Quickbooks, and Evernote.

Smule: Grace had a beautiful voice. It’s no doubt she would have an app like Smule in her smartphone which she could use to share her song covers, connect with other singers, and have a good time.

Quickbooks: From helping Arthur in bookkeeping for The Garrison Pub to handling the books of the Peaky Blinders, Grace has shown to be good with accounts and money. Hence, an app like Quickbooks would be really helpful to her in managing accounts and bookkeeping.

Evernote: Grace had a tough life and her hardships had made her a fighter. She is organized and smart. Hence, Evernote would be an ideal app for her to note down her thoughts and important details of her work and personal life.

Alfie Soloman:

Alfie Soloman is a Jewish gang leader known for his sudden outburst, negotiation tactics, and witty lines. He has a peculiar personality but despite his unpredictable nature, he is very intelligent and has a way of leading people. Three apps he would have on his smartphone are PubG, Pocket, and Clubhouse.


PubG: Alfie is a violent man, but equally intelligent. He would definitely have PubG in his phone and would love playing the game as it matches his personality perfectly.

Pocket: Despite saying that he doesn’t follow the news, Alfie is updated about the events that he cares about. An app like Pocket where he can read and save articles of his interests would surely be on his smartphone.

Clubhouse: Alfie is quite protective of the Jewish community and also donates to certain charities. Clubhouse would be an ideal app for him to stay in touch with the causes and
interests he cares about and stay updated on events happening around them.

Are there any other apps you think these characters from The Peaky Blinders would have? Why not share those in the comments below. We’d love to see what we’ve missed.

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