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WebEngage’s core focus lies in improving user experience and turning more of your visitors and first-time purchasers into repeat customers.

Segments and Cohorts for uncovering user trends and patterns

As a business, you likely serve varied user personas. To segregate these users based on their interests, user type, engagement levels, etc and to identify similarities in their purchase patterns over their entire lifecycle, Segments and Cohort Analysis are very useful.

Journeys - Keeping users engaged throughout their lifecycle since 2016

WebEngage Journeys will help you create delightful cross-channel experiences across your customer lifecycle, through simplified retention strategies and effective lifecycle campaigns.

Use Paths and Funnel Analytics to uncover your user’s footprints and traces

For products that branch into multiple directions, understanding user navigation flows across various user events is supremely important for designing retention strategies and understanding stage-wise drop-offs.

“You’re in the right hands!” - As endorsed by many.

I've experienced several platforms like Hubspot or Marketo that fuel decent user engagement, but WebEngage packages super effective omnichannel marketing strategies and testing into one platform.

Amanda Laferriere

VP - Product Management at C2FO

We are able to implement student engagement via WebEngage in ways we never thought were possible through marketing automation platforms.

Scott Newton

Chief Communications Officer at Shaw Academy

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