What On-Demand Apps would the Characters from A Discovery of Witches have on their phones?

Diana Bishop

A professor of history at Yale University and the central character of A Discovery of Witches, Diana Bishop is a powerful witch with extraordinary powers. Along with spellcasting, weaving, magic, telepathy, necromancy, and flight, she also sees visions, has a powerful sixth sense, and possesses supernatural knowledge.

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On-Demand Apps Diana would have on her phone


As Diana has teleportation abilities, AirBnB would be one of the most-used apps by her. She would look at places she wants to visit or stay and get there in an instant.

BBC History Magazine:

Being a professor of History naturally inclines Diana towards the world of history. And what better than BBC History Magazine to help her quench her curiosity.

Civilizations AR:

Another cool app that Diana would have on her phone is Civilizations AR. This app provides an augmented reality experience to help explore the world and even ancient civilizations. Wouldn’t Diana be fascinated with this?


Diana has a distinct fashion style — stylish and vintage. As someone fashionable yet responsible, Depop would definitely be on her phone.

Matthew Clairmont

Husband of Diana Bishop and one of the central characters of the series, Mathew is a geneticist and a vampire. A person...err... A vampire of varied temperaments, Matthew has a lot of quirks and contradictory character traits.


On-Demand Apps Matthew would have on his phone:


Matthew has a fine taste for wines. Vivino is an app that helps people know all about wine — details. user ratings, tasting notes, and food pairing — by just taking a snapshot of the label. Why wouldn’t he have the app, right?


Matthew loves reading. Especially books written by his old friends. Kindle is a handy app that he would use for that.


Matthew is very loyal and someone who gets attached to his loved ones. He would definitely have WhatsApp to stay in touch with Diana and people close to him.

Marcus Whitmore

Marcus Whitmore is a vampire who worked as a field medic and healer during the Revolutionary War. A rule-breaker and a believer of true freedom and equality, Marcus is energetic and head-on in his quests. His handsome charm and his attitude are what make him charismatic.


On-Demand Apps Marcus would have on his phone


As someone outspoken and a firm believer in equality, Marcus would use Instagram as a space to voice his opinions and speak up on issues. An influencer, perhaps?


One of the things that keep Marcus in his zone is his love for medicine. We can surely imagine him setting up his virtual chemistry lab in the Chemist app.


Marcus is dashing, handsome, and super energetic. He is certainly the kind to have a fitness app like Fitbit to monitor his exercises, nutrition, and health.

Sarah Bishop

Sarah Bishop is Diana Bishop’s aunt and a very powerful witch. Often seen as someone with a hot temperament, Sarah says things as it is. She and Emily, her lesbian partner together raise Diana and she is very protective towards her family. Sarah’s skills lie in potion making, spells, and charms.


On-Demand Apps Sarah would have on her phone


Sarah is always unapologetically herself. As a lesbian, Her app, designed especially for LGBTQ+ women, would definitely be a go-to place to find her partner and local events.

Yummly Recipes:

Sarah is a master of potions and charms. Don’t you think her recipes would be equally delicious? And Yummly Recipes would be a great place for her to start her cookbook and personalized recipes blog, that others would also learn from.

Samsung Smart Things:

Sarah has always been extremely protective towards her family. And she would most certainly use an app like Samsung Smart Things to monitor the security of her house.

Coffee by Trotter:

A coffee lover, Coffee by Trotter would be Sarah’s go-to app to find the best coffee stores nearby and go through their Instagram feeds to decide if they are worth visiting.

Agatha Wilson

One of the Daemons of the congregation, Agatha Wilson is a creative and independent woman. She’s the grandmother of Margaret Wilson and mother of Nathaniel Wilson. Having unfettered focus and will, Agatha Wilson is someone to not mess with.


On-Demand Apps Agatha would have on her phone


As a fashion designer who creates her own style, Instagram would be Agatha’s playground to showcase her work and influence many people into following in her footsteps.


Agatha is a very smart and independent woman. She is someone who would stay updated on what is happening around her. An app like Reuters would definitely be on her phone.


As someone who is very intuitive and creative, Agatha would need a place to store ideas on the go. And Evernote would be perfect for that.

Are there any other apps you think these characters from The Discovery of Witches would have? Why not share those in the comments below. We’d love to see what we’ve missed.

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