Enjoy UEFA Euro 2020 with These 5 Apps

The entire world is buzzing with the craze of UEFA Euro 2020. After its rescheduling due to the pandemic, this 16th UEFA European Championship, which marks the 60th anniversary of the tournament has come as a much needed refreshment for soccer fans.

According to a survey by MediaOcean conducted with 23,000+ sports fans across 15 markets, 19% were global Internet users, 40% of those in Europe were positive about following the tournament. Out of those 40%, 75% would watch highlights or recaps on TV at least once a week and 68% would watch the same online at least once a week.

So, the audience is huge, the craze is high, and if you’re watching the tournament at the comfort of your home, then you ought to make it special.

Here are 5 apps that will make UEFA 2020 an experience worth remembering for you.


If you are looking for a reliable source to get football news, fastest live scores, and information about the leagues and tournament, then Goal.com is the right place for you.

Goal.com is the world’s largest football publication and houses one of the largest football communities. You can use their website or their apps and get updates from their social channels too.


It’s always nice to have all information related to the leagues and tournaments that you’re following and Goal.com ensures that you get them all without any hassle. You can easily share the information, catch up on the matches, and never miss anything related to football.

Goal.com is an app every football fan must have.

Download Goal.com App

Just Eat Takeaway.com

Food and football make an unbeatable combination, doesn’t it? And when you have the official food delivery partner of UEFA 2020 right at your fingertips, what’s more to worry about.

Enjoy the football season and watch your favourite matches while snacking on your favourite food by ordering from Just Eat Takeaway.com.


As one of the largest and the best food delivery services in the UK, Just Eat Takeaway.com offers you a wide range of restaurants and outlets to choose and order your favourite dishes. They’ll be there right in time to make UEFA 2020 extra special for you.

Your football night won’t get better than this.

Official website: Takeaway.com


Who says watching UEFA 2020 at home means you can’t share the excitement and joy with others? Make the game night extra special with instant messaging, calls, videos, and live streaming with your friends and families. Watch the match together, take sides, and enjoy the beautiful moments together with Discord.


Discord is one of the most popular apps in the UK for instant messaging, video calling, voice calling, and meeting and greeting with individuals and communities. You can start a private chat or talk with communities.

Make UEFA 2020 lively with Discord.

Download Discord App


Share fun moments from UEFA 2020, your interesting take on events, and get goofy with TikTok. Watching football feels best when you can discuss with people who support your team or with team who support the other teams. It’s the discussions and shared
experiences that makes football extra special.


Image source: BBC
So, share your unique experiences with the world. Share how you are watching UEFA 2020, your plans for the game night, moments you cherished, and moments that, well, made you angry.

It’s all about sharing the experiences with people who have the same interests as you, and Tiktok is the best app to do that.

Download TikTok

Masters of Malt

Do you know what else can make game night feel like a tournament? You’ve guessed it — some premium booze and alcohol. And when it comes to alcohol and choosing from a wide range of spirits, look no further than Masters of Malt. 

Masters of Malt is an online superstore housing a large selection of spirits you can choose from. Their collection ranges from whiskey, branded whiseky, rum, and brandy to vodka, gin, and all your favourite spirits. You can also create your own tasting sets or let them create it for you.


Go through their guides to know interesting things about the spirits and if you are feeling extra happy, gift your loved ones their favourite drink.

And the best thing is Masters of malt is donating £1 for every order in the hospitality indistry to aid those affected by Covid-19. This is in partnership with Hospitality Action.

Official website: Masters of Malt

So, how are you spending your football night? Are you going to use the apps mentioned above? And are there any other apps that can make UEFA 2020 extra special? Share with us in the comments.

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